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Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your personal information. Therefore, we ask you to read this Privacy Policy carefully as it contains important information on:

  • Personal information we collect about you

  • How we use that information

  • Who might your information be shared with

  • Your rights with regard to your personal data

Who we are:

In this policy, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to SE Soft Tissue Therapy.

Where do we collect your information?

Examples of where we may collect your personal information include:

  • Website enquiry forms

  • Mobile phone conversations with us

  • Emails or letters you send to us

  • Meetings with us

  • Online services including our website and Facebook page

We may collect further personal information on you from other places such as business directories and other publicly available sources. This is to improve the information we hold on you such as your address or to provide us with better contact information if we are unable to contact you directly.

What information do we hold on you?

Information we hold on you includes:

  • Personal information e.g your name, date of birth and contact details

  • Information regarding your contact with us e.g meetings, phone calls, emails/letters and forms

  • Information automatically collected via our website e.g cookies when visiting our website

  • Information gathered from visiting the premises e.g images collected on CCTV

Information classified as ‘sensitive’ personal information relating to your health. This information will only be collected and used as needed to provide the service you have requested or to comply with our legal obligations

What do we do with the information?

  • Provide appropriate/relevant services

  • Identify ways to improve our relationship, products and services

  • Maintain and monitor advice we have given you together with products and services

  • Protect both ours and your interests

  • Meet our legal and regulatory obligations

  • Conclude and recommend how our products and services might be suitable for you


In order to provide products and services under our agreed terms and conditions made between us, we may need to collect and use personal information about you. Failure to provide this personal information may result in our inability to provide you with our products/services.


Disclosure of your information to third parties:

  • This may include the following to be able to:

  • Provide suitable advice, products, services and information

  • Research your experience in dealing with us

  • Protect both our interests


We must also share information with third parties to meet any applicable law, regulation or lawful request. If we believe that we have been given false or misleading information and/or suspect criminal activity, we must record this and tell law enforcement agencies. These may be based inside or outside of the UK.

We do expect these third parties to have the same level of security with regard to information as we have.


Social networking sites

Our presence is shown on popular social media websites including (but not limited to) Facebook and Google.  These websites are used to share news regarding our business. Through engaging with us on any of these sites, you are accepting that the webpages are available to the general public and agree to the following:

  • Social media pages are not private and so we recommend that you do not share any personal information on any of these websites, including through the use of private messages

  • Although we do try and read every message sent to us on social media, we cannot guarantee a response to every message

  • Any pictures you provide on our social media may not be used on our social media

  • Any information that you provide us with on social media webpages may be retained by the webpage for longer than your relationship with us


How do we keep your information safe?

We protect your information under the laws that apply and strive to comply with our obligations at all times. We keep our computers, files and buildings secure.


How long do we keep your information?

In order to meet our legal and regulatory obligations, we hold our information while you are a customer and for a period of time after that. We do not keep and store your information any longer than is necessary.


Your individual rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have a number of rights with regard to your personal data.

You have the right to request access and rectification or erasure of your personal data, the right to restrict processing, object to processing as well as in certain circumstances the right to data portability

After providing consent for your personal data to be used and processed, you may be entitled to (in certain circumstances) to withdraw that consent at any time which will not affect the lawfulness of the processing before your consent was withdrawn

You have the right to form a complaint to the Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) if you believe that we have not complied in alignment with GDPR principles with regard to your personal data


Updates to this privacy policy

Changes will be made to our privacy policy as often as needed.


How to contact us

SE Soft Tissue Therapy is the Controller and Processor of Data for the purposes of the GDPR.


If you have any concerns as to how your data is processed you can contact:

Steffan Evans

SE Soft Tissue Therapy


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